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The Importance of Authenticity in a Man’s Life Free Essays

Genuineness, as characterized by existentialist thinkers, is how much one is consistent with one’s own character, soul, or character, in spite of outside weights. As per Jean-Paul Sartre, â€Å"Existence goes before essence†, at the end of the day, man makes himself. With the end goal for him to characterize himself, he ought to be absolutely free. We will compose a custom paper test on The Importance of Authenticity in a Man’s Life or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now Be that as it may, how might he be free completely? Man can be absolutely free when he experience a legitimate method of living. By carrying on with an existence of credibility, man ought not look for direction towards the built up codes of life. He should decrease each kind of target ethics and qualities that is set by his general public for him?. By this, he ought to be carrying on with his life as indicated by his actual self. Living by his actual nature requires him his opportunity of decision. Furthermore, by making his own decisions, he openly makes his own activities in spite of outer powers. These activities which he openly picks are presently the premise of his reality. However, with the end goal for him to have the option to carry on with a true life, he should assume full liability for the entirety of his activities. Knowing things about opportunity and valid living, what are its suggestions to man’s life? Being valid will empower a man to carry on with his life without limit. Furthermore, living to the fullest methods is to have an actual existence that is euphoric, significant, and loaded with qualities and joy. By living genuinely, he will have the option to free himself from the obstructions that are cast to him by his general public. By rising above the surmised purposes throughout everyday life, the genuine motivation behind his reality become so obvious to him. With the information on his existence’s extreme reason, he can define the best choices for himself. Concluding as per his own decisions will lead him towards the satisfaction of his own objectives. In aggregate, every one of these things will direct him to a progressively agreeable and a superior life in which he survives the help of his own decisions and as indicated by his actual nature. In reality, realness is genuinely huge to a man’s life. The most mportant part of carrying on with a credible life is absolute opportunity. In view of all out opportunity, man can settle on close to home decisions and furthermore, he drives his life to over again. He is done having issues with regards to dynamic for the explanation that he as of now has an away from of his definitive reason. For one to recognize his opportunity of decision and the duty that he hold as a being seems to be, as indicated by Sartre, to have a genuine method of living. Step by step instructions to refer to The Importance of Authenticity in a Man’s Life, Papers

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Case Predicting Performance

The weight of the SAT test is exceptionally extraordinary, and numerous understudies experience the ill effects of test tension. The outcomes, along these lines, may not genuinely reflect what an understudy knows. There is proof that instructing improves scores by somewhere in the range of 40 and 1 50 focuses. Grades, in this way, may antagonistically influence the odds of acknowledgment for understudies who can't bear the cost of the $600 or $700 to step through examination training courses. Are Stats legitimate, or do they oppress minorities, poor people, and the individuals who have had restricted access to social development experiences?Alternatives: 1-Keep understudy choice rules and its loads for what it's worth until further notice â€Å"including SAT at 0%† 2-Increase SAT weight 3-Decrease SAT weight to 20% and add to the rules insightful test with weight of Alternatives Evaluation: 1 . Keep understudy determination models and its loads all things considered until furt her notice â€Å"including SAT at 40%† Positives; l. It will give Alex more opportunity to do additionally study and benchmark with comparative universities. Ii. Alex will acquire pragmatic experience to have the option to judge decently on SAT score iii. Individuals who plan the SAT† lb. Details tap insight and managers need canny occupation candidates Negative; I.Alex worries about SAT score will stay 2. Increment SAT weight Positives; I. SAT score are legitimate indicators of how well an individual will do in school. â€Å"According to individuals who structure the SAT† IL. Details tap knowledge and businesses need canny I. Alex worries about SAT score will expand 3. Reduction SAT weight to 20% and add to the standards clever test with weight of I. SAT will remain some portion of the determination standards it. Smart test is utilized by multimillion organizations to pick their future representatives so by utilizing it in the understudy determination rules it w ill improve the school graduates in finding their Jobs.Negative; I. Imagine a scenario in which an understudy â€Å"poor† exceeds expectations in wise test however didn't do so well in SAT score. It will stay a predicament to acknowledge him in Ale's profoundly particular school. Suggestion:- First option is for me is the best†¦ Although it's scores not exactly second option in the assessment yet it will permit Alex to have sufficient opportunity to acquire down to earth understanding and benchmark with other comparative association to improve her dynamic procedure. Likewise in the second option Alex worries about SAT score won't be wiped out or comprehended! Arranged by: Amman Taft

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Blog Archive Friday Factoid At Tuck, Research Isnt Only for Professors

Blog Archive Friday Factoid At Tuck, Research Isnt Only for Professors The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College is known for its close-knit community and small faculty-to-student ratio. The school’s research-to-practice seminars complement these characteristics. In 2008, Tuck added these seminar courses, which bring together 15 second-year students with top faculty members for a “deep dive” into a specific topic and provide a link between faculty research and its application in management.  The following research-to-practice seminars were offered during the 2010â€"2011 academic year: “Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems” with Professor Ron Adner “Economics of the Credit Crisis” with Professor Robert Hansen “International Entrepreneurial Finance” with Professor Rafael LaPorta “Finance and Corporate Takeovers” with Professor B. Espen Eckbo “Mergers and Acquisitions, Alliances, and Corporate Strategy” with Professor Margaret Peteraf “Management and Dynamics of Interdisciplinary Teams” with Professor Judith White In a Tuck Today article, Senior Associate Dean Robert Hansen says he believes the seminars help students see the way scholars go about the business of knowledge creation. He also notes that this unique course format is only possible at a school like Tuck, where the research faculty and teaching faculty are one and the same. Share ThisTweet Dartmouth College (Tuck) Friday Factoids

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Personal Narrative A Special Gift - 1101 Words

A Special Gift Growing up, I’ve always been that sibling who receives more than the two. Being, the only granddaughter out of all the grandkids, I have more advantages than my brothers. Moreover, being the favorite my dad allowed me to take upon a new collection. I started collecting Marilyn Monroe items from posters, signs, and even blankets. Then, I was gifted a very special collector’s item that made me appreciate where and whom it came from. As I started collecting around four or five years ago when my passion started to grow. Like others who collect certain celebrity items, I happen to start collecting anything and everything I could of the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Starting off, I bought my first poster and really loved how†¦show more content†¦My family realized that I have a huge passion for Marilyn Monroe. My room started fill up more and there began to be limited wall space left. I started to think, I wanted an item that is worth value, and one you couldn’t just purchase from any store. As time went on, I thought of several different items I wanted to purchase a rare framed photo or a charcoal poster. One night, I happen to be visiting my grandparents and the topic had gotten brought up about me deciding if I wanted to purchase a valuable item of Marilyn. My grandpa glanced at me and smiled. He said â€Å" Jada, stay here, I have something for you.† I looked over at my grandma; I said, à ¢â‚¬Å" Oh goodness, I bet it’s another cheap necklace he picked up from the grocery story on the way home.† As he hollered my name from the other room, I walked towards him and he had a large box full smaller boxes. I looked at him and said â€Å" Gee grandpa, Just want I wanted† and laughed. He gave me a smirk and said, â€Å" Go ahead and open one.† I will admit, I was truthfully a little nervous. I noticed they were in a green-stripped dingy box. I cut the tap off of one, and then pulled the tissue off and my heart almost sunk in. I couldn’t believe what I was staring at; it’s everything I imagined and more. They had never been opened before. It was 1960’s plates of Marilyn Monroe. They were 1959 dated plates with her famous quotes on the back of it. I was shocked beyond

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Organ Donations Philosophy Paper - 1262 Words

Phil 2300-301 13 April 2010 [Title] Is it time for our society to reconsider the prohibitive laws that make it legally impossible to establish licit markets for bodily organs? So many people are unable to obtain organs they need due to the lack of availability. Increased medical advances have created the need for many more organs than are available (Staff). A commercial market may or may not solve the problem. There is a lack of commitment when it comes to donating organs which could be from fear. Potential donors fear medical personnel will not make every attempt possible to save their lives if they know they are donors. Little do they know, their organs will be available to save 50 more lives in the event of their death. The idea†¦show more content†¦One example of this situation is the following incident: â€Å"In 2001, Brian Lykins, 23, of Minnesota, died because a small piece of cadaver material used to repair his knee was contaminated with bacteria† (Armour). There is also the possibility of th e recipient becoming seriously infected due to unsanitary handling during the dismemberment process. Whereas done in a legally regulated environment, this process can be done in a sterile operating room decreasing the risk of infection (Armour). There is legislation and laws in place to avoid these incidents; however those who deal in the black market normally are not law abiding individuals concerned with these regulations. There are 3 proposed solutions to the problem. An organ market, a presumed consent program and a required request program (The Legal Dictionary). The organ market idea would be a system where living donors would sign a contract while they are still alive. This contract means a fixed amount would be decided for the â€Å"donation†. This would allow for the donors’ organs to be removed upon their death. This could be done with a cash payment or a tax credit prior to death. Benefits to this would mean a greater availability of organs. It could also drive the cost of operations down due to the number of transplants that are performed enabling staff to become more proficient and operations more affordable. It would also decrease theShow MoreRelatedOrgan Donation And The United States1469 Words   |  6 Pageson a waiting list for an organ donation (Organ and Tissue Donations, 2015). Out of these individuals, nearly 10 die each day waiting for an organ (All About Donation, 2015). The need for organ donation has increased dramatically with the many advances in medicine (FAQ, 2011). To be considered an organ donor in the United States one must sign a Uniform Donor Card, however, once an individual has deceased, the family must provide consent to participate in organ donation (Korschun, 2013). This createsRead MoreAnotated Bibliography3235 Words   |  13 PagesThesis: Organ Donors should be able to have the right to choose if their organs after death will be donated to another without any complications even if they die of brain death or euthanasia, inside or outside a medical facility, as well as laws should be put in place or an alternative method stating that their wishes no matter what the family thinks, due to ethical or moral issues, should be honored. Organs are going to waste every year because not enough people are donating their organs. ManyRead MoreThe Utilitarian Theory of Organ Donation Essay1805 Words   |  8 PagesIn this paper I will be using the normative theory of utilitarianism as the best defensible approach to increase organ donations. Utilitarianism is a theory that seeks to increase the greatest good for the greatest amount of people (Pense2007, 61). The utilitarian theory is the best approach because it maximizes adult organ donations (which are the greater good) so that the number of lives saved would increase along with the quality of life, and also saves money and time. A utilitarian would argueRead MoreThe Human Body Must Not Live Without Them1896 Words   |  8 Pages(â€Å"History†). They strive to provide a positive change in Memphis by giving educational programs, sponsoring dialysis, and patient services. The National Kidney Foundation continues to face obstacles such as financial incentives for organ donation, changing government policies, and organ shortage. Despite all of these challenges, the foundation remains diligent, persistent, and cooperative enough to meet the public dilemma of kidney disease. In the beginning, a woman named Ada DeBold and her husband HarryRead MoreOrgan And Organ Of Organ Transplantation2652 Words   |  11 Pagescentury, organ transplantation provides a way of giving the gift of life to patients with terminal failure of vital organs. Organ transplantation requires the participation of both fellow human beings and of society by donating organs from deceased or living individuals. The ever increasing rate of organ failure and the inadequate supply of organs have created a significant gap between organ supply and organ demand. This gap has resulted in extremely lengthy waiting times to receive an organ as wellRead MoreEnd Of Life Care -nursing Cultural Competency1783 Words   |  8 Pagesat the top of the page. The abstract is left justified as the rest of the paper. An abstract is a brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article, accurate, nonevaluative, coherent and readable, and concise. An abstract is only 150 to 250 words in length. â€Æ' Title of the Paper in Twelve Words or Less America is a melting pot of many religions and nurses are called upon to practice cultural competencey. This paper focuses awareness of other religions in order to practice culturally competentRead MoreEthical and Bioethical Issues in Medicine: Death and Dying1385 Words   |  5 Pagesadministered to patients who are most likely to benefit from them (Bongard et al., 2008). Physicians, health care workers, family, friends and proxies are all faced with issues when it comes to making decisions for those who are close to death. This paper will explore five great examples of ethical and bioethical issues in medicine when it comes to death and dying. An entry by Janine Nanos (2008) explains different situations each with diverse issues: with no proxy or spouse, which child should getRead MoreThe Issue Of Market Commodification1367 Words   |  6 Pagesan ongoing argument in philosophy to whether or not the market should be constrained to certain goods and services, as well as how much power governments should have when intervening in a regulated market. Most people believe that certain goods and services should be kept out of the market due to the fact that these certain goods and services should not be bought and sold in the first place. For example, markets in organs and blood, sex, and pregnancy surrogacy. In this paper, I intend on discussingRead Mo reChristian Standpoint Of Healing And The Health Care Provider1936 Words   |  8 PagesHealing means to become whole, this is the course of the total restoration and renewal of health to an unstable, diseased or damaged entity. Healing comprises the restoration of living flesh, tissues, structures, organs and the genetic system as a total for the continuation of standard functioning. Christian standpoint of healing is to have relationship and connection with God. Having a relationship with God and permit the healing influence and authority to move into one and influence healing accordanceRead MoreThe Trolley Problem1420 Words   |  6 Pageshome the fact that saving the five lives entails murdering an innocent person. The case of the Fat Man is remarkably similar to the Transplant scenario, in which the expert surgeon expressly requests consent from a healthy patient for the donation of his organs (therefore his life). The patient refuses. One primary difference between the surg eon and the trolley driver is that the surgeon asked for consent and was refused it; whereas the trolley driver never asked for it to begin with. The hospital

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America s Exhausted Superkids By Frank Bruni - 858 Words

Today’s Exhausted Superkids is Frank Bruni’s response to the book â€Å"Overloaded and Unprepared.† His response portrays many people of the younger generation whom do not get enough sleep. In his response Bruni states, â€Å"But many teenagers today are so hyped and stressed out that they are getting only a fraction of the rest they need.† Bruni suggests smartphones and tablets are part of the cause of keeping kids and teens up in the middle of the night. However, he also mentions these are not the only factors as to why students do not get enough sleep. Hard work is another culprit. Many students work hard to achieve their high grades and do better on their tests. They strive to be the best and be a part of as many extracurricular activities as possible. Some students use stimulants, such as adderall, to become the high achievers they strive to be. Frank Bruni made good points about teens being overworked, but I disagree with his idea that many students do not get enough sleep due to pressure and expectations because most of them choose to do other things rather than sleeping. I disagree with Bruni’s perception that students do not get enough sleep due to pressure and expectations because most of them are careless and choose to do other things. I have witnessed this first hand throughout my life. For instance, I am sitting here late at night writing this essay that is due tomorrow rather than getting rest because I would much rather have an acceptable grade, or at least have it

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Bachelor of Nursing Positive and Negative -

Question: Discuss about theBachelor of Nursing for Positive and Negative Aspects. Answer: Introduction: Understanding and knowing about oneself is not an easy task. It involves both positive and negative aspects. Self-awareness in nurse or any other person can be initiated with the conscious awareness and efforts for the change. This conscious effort is directed towards providing good therapeutic environment to the patient. This good therapeutic environment can be achieved by improving communication with the patient and results in healthy relation with the patient. Communication is the most effective way for nurse to improve relationship with the patient. Patients spend most of the time with nurses other than family members. Hence, self-awareness of the nurse and its consequent effects in terms of words or actions can be effectively communicated to the patients. Complete development of the nurse in the professional practice can be assessed by nurses role or functions in different situations. Self-awareness would be helpful for the nurse to tackle different situations mainly through the person specific communication ability. Nurse could establish person specific communication because self-awareness, which can develop analysis capability of the individuals in nurse. Hence, nurse can communicate with each individual based on his/her strengths and weaknesses. In clinical practice, counseling of the patients is necessary. This counseling should be varied based on the disease condition of the patient. Self-awareness would be helpful for the nurse to address different issues of different patients. There should be different communication strategies for different patients and it should also vary with behavior of the patient (Eckroth-Bucher, 2010). Hence, for achieving effective communication in all these diverse situations and conditions, nurse should consider self-awareness as foundation for effective and fruitful communication with the patient. Discussion: Self-awareness is a method of goal oriented assessment of oneself. It is very important aspect of nurse-patient relationship in the nursing practice. Self-awareness is a cerebral exercise of introspection. It helps nurse to communicate to patients in thoughtful way, with feeling about the patient, by giving belief of improvement, giving values to patients emotions and according to the behavior of the patient. It can be used effectively to widen therapeutic association with patients for providing holistic care to the patient. As self-awareness is an ongoing process, it can be helpful in handling issues in the actual nursing practice. It can be useful for nurses to know themselves very well and this confidence helps in building healthy therapeutic environment for care and curing. Self-awareness can be helpful for nurses to communicate in a professional manner to the patients and providing in-depth nursing service (Gessler and Ferron, 2012; Winson, 2007). Self-awareness teaches nurses to think about themselves and it would be helpful for nurses to think about patients condition. Hence, nurse can understand patients condition effectively and communicate to the patient with respect to his/her condition. As a result, nurse can give correct message or information to the patient. As nurse can understand exact condition of the patient, verbal and non-verbal concerns expressed by patient can be well understood by the nurse. Self-awareness is a continuous change in the efforts hence nurse can modify communication to the patients based in the needs of the patient. Self-awareness is helpful in understanding ourselves in different ways and it would be helpful for the nurses to communicate to patients in different ways. This communication would depends on the condition, mood and understanding capability of patient. If patient is aggressive, nurse should communicate with patient in a calm way. If patient is unable to understand medial terminologie s, nurse should communicate with patient in a very simple language. Hence, patient would feel comfort in availing nursing services. Self-awareness would be helpful in communicating with the patient based on his/her beliefs, thoughts, traits, motivations, feeling and behavior (Jack and Smith, 2007). Nurses spend maximum amount of time with patients as compared to the other health professionals. Hence, they need to communicate with patients on regular basis and would be helpful in improving communication with patients. Listening is most important thing for the effective communication. Nurse can learn to listen to patients issues by listening to oneself. Self-awareness is useful for the nurse to listen oneself. This mastering in listening to patients can be helpful in understanding patients and responding exactly according to the condition of the patient. Communication is one of the effective ways to avoid conflicts between nurse and patient. Thus nurse can use self-awareness to avoid conflict with the patient. Self-awareness is also helpful in solving problems of both the patient and nursing service to be provided to the patient. Self-awareness is helpful in understanding the problems in a better way. Discussion of the problem with the patient would be helpful in solving it. Self -awareness is useful for the nurse to express in more open way and it gives clear message to the patient. Hence, there would not be any ambiguity in communication (Oflaz et al., 2011). Nurse can communicate with patients with more thoughtful way and with emotions. By this, patient feels confidence in the message given by nurse. Communication would be with more clarity and it can be helpful for the patient to understand next step. Improvement in communication due to self awareness would be helpful in making patient happy and fulfilling his/her wishes. Self-awareness can be helpful in bringing evolution in the nurse and nurse can utilize this evolution for communicating to the patient. Negative traits of the patients like distress, frustration and unacceptable attitude can be effectively handled. Self-awareness is useful in turning these negative traits in more positive traits. Self-awareness is helpful for nurses to communicate own perceptions and understand patients perceptions (Ahrweiler et al., 2014). It would teach nurse to look towards others and to understand how others are looking at you. Self-awareness gives nurse answer of the, what is effect of me on the p atient?. This understanding would be helpful for the nurse to give unique response to the patient. Self-awareness is helpful in understanding weaknesses in nurse and also helpful in building self-esteem. Accordingly, nurse can communicate to the patient to address their weaknesses and build patients self-esteem. Self-esteem also builds confidence in the nurses and improves their pride in the work. This confidence in the nursing practice can be communicated to the patients both verbally and through practice. Self-awareness is helpful for the nurses to take care of oneself in a better way. This aspect of the self-awareness can be effectively transferred to the patients through provision of better care to the patients (Unal , 2012; Healy and Sharry, 2011 ). Self- awareness is helpful in building reflective practice in the nurse. This reflective practice would be helpful for the nurse to communicate by making sense of the events and by understanding situation. Refection can be helpful for the nurse to get answers for the questions like what is the reason behind this incidence ?, and how patient reacted to me ?. Next time, communication with the patient would be helpful in preventing, rising of these questions. Hence, integration of self-awareness and reflective practice in nursing would be an effective communication strategy in the nursing. Self-awareness is helpful for the nurses to understand interpersonal skills. These interpersonal skills can be effectively communicated to the patient through practice or verbal communication (Horton-Deutsch and Sherwood, 2008). Transactional analysis of the self-awareness is helpful for the nurse in understanding ego status of both nurse and patient. Thus, nurse can analyze inappropriate behavior of either nurse or patient. By this nurse can establish effective communication to address this inappropriate behavior. Transactional analysis is also helpful in knowing how to react to particular patient. Six category intervention analysis of the self-awareness is helpful for the nurses to understand areas of their improvement. By understanding this, nurse can communicate to the patients only in the areas of strength and gain confidence of the patient. Johari Window of the self-awareness would be helpful for the nurse to understand particular aspect of personality of self and patient. Based on the understanding personality, nurse can establish communication with the patient (Vitello-Cicciu et al., 2014; Webb, 2011). Self-awareness gives confidence to the nurse to gather information about the information, assess patient condition of the patient, provide appropriate counseling to the patient and give medication instruction to the patients. By this, nurse can improve involvement of patient in the nursing practice. Thus self-awareness can be useful in establishing patient centered care for providing holistic care to the patient and achieving overall wellbeing of the patient. Communication in isolation without interpersonal skills would not be helpful for the nurse to establish effective communication with the patient. Self-awareness brings out both interpersonal skills and communication skills in the nurse. Integration of these two skills would be helpful for the nurse to give exact message to patient, understand their feeling and establish fruitful communication. It would also be helpful in avoiding patient discontent in communication. Nurse can give all the required information to the patient and involve them in the decision making. Self-awareness would be helpful in improving patient satisfaction, adherence to the treatment, healthcare services utilization and improving quality of care of care the patient, through effective communication. Establishment of relationship with the patient and breaking bad news to the patients are closely associated and complex aspects of the nursing practice. Self-awareness plays important role in breaking bad news to the patient because it helps in complete understanding of the patient. Self-awareness is instrumental in avoiding miscommunication and it can be effectively utilized to improve hopefulness and give psychological satisfaction (Scheick, 2011; Stein-Parbury, 2013). Nurse and healthcare professionals may not be the good at communication. Self-awareness can serve as communication training to these healthcare professionals. Self-awareness can be helpful in building two way communications with the patients. In this type of communication, patients views can be understood and it would be helpful in avoiding biased treatment for the patient. It would also be helpful in understanding patients experience about the treatment. Self-awareness is helpful in building assertiveness in the nurses. Assertiveness is an interpersonal behavior which is helpful in promoting equity in relations to promote expression of human rights, thoughts and feelings. This, assertiveness due to self-awareness in nurses would be helpful in recognizing and respecting others expressions. Classroom based teaching would not be useful in implementing of actual nursing practice, however communication and nurse-patient interaction would be helpful in improving nursing practice. Nurse-pa tient interaction can be studied by reviewing tapes and transcripts of the earlier communications. Nurse can correlate oneself with these interactions between nurse and patient and try to improve communication with the patient. It would be helpful for the nurse to improve communication for different types of patients, indifferent situations and in different case studies (Kim and Patterson, 2016). Self-awareness brings personal growth and strength in the personality of the nurse and healthcare professionals. It would be helpful for the nurse to manage patients effectively. It is also helpful for the nurse to manage career growth and personal life stressors, hence nurse can effectively communicate with patient. With the lack of self awareness, nurse may repeat mistakes again and again and it would be difficult for the nurse to communicate right things to the patients. However, with self-awareness nurse can improve all the mistakes and can communicate correctly with the patient. Self-awareness helps nurse to differentiate between patients and analyzing similarities and differences among the patients. This would be helpful for the nurse to improve interpersonal relationship and nurse can communicate with the patients according to their needs. Self-awareness improves competency of the nurse in nursing practice and as a result patient can be highly satisfied with service. Patient w ould like to be in constant conversation with such competent nurse to understand more about his/her health conditions. Self-awareness can be useful to the nurse to guide behavior in the genuine way and hence there would more acceptance of nurse by the patients along with strong interpersonal relations which improves communication among them. This communication can be useful in the improving recovery process of the patient in the therapeutic environment (Webb, 2011). Benefits of self-awareness can be effectively implemented to manage patients diseased condition but also unresolved personal stress. This unresolved personal stress can be managed by valuable communication between the nurse and patient. Verbal and non-verbal gestures are the most effective communication strategy nurse should use. Self-awareness would be helpful for the nurse to improve verbal and non-verbal gestures. Nurse has to face different situations with different kind of patients, from different culture and socioeconomic classes. These gestures would be helpful for the nurse to communicate to these different types of patients. Therapeutic communication is the most important aspect of the nursing practice. This therapeutic communication helps build therapeutic and caring environment between nurse and patient. Nurse can efficiently improve therapeutic communication through self-awareness. Self-awareness can be helpful for the nurses to communicate to the mentally ill patients. I n case of mentally, ill patients it is necessary to understand thinking and behavioral pattern of the patient. Self-awareness would be helpful for the nurse to understand these aspects of mentally ill patient. Self-awareness makes nurse aware about the insight and it can be positively reflected in the body language towards the patient (Jack and Miller, 2008). Conclusion: Self-awareness is the most important therapeutic tool for improving relation between nurse and patient and improving communication among them. High level of self-awareness achievement can be helpful for the nurse to achieve highest therapeutic environment for the patient. Self-awareness is the prime and vital concept for the nurse for improving positive communication with the patient. This is beneficial for the nurse to grow in career and providing effective caring to the patient. In this way, there can be exchange of positive communication between nurse and the patient. In healthcare facility of setup, self-awareness and its implementation for improving communication is not a one day job. Continuous and sincere efforts should be there by nurse to achieve this. Training and guidance to the nurse would be helpful in improving practice of self-awareness. Self-awareness brings positive changes in nurse like self-esteem and assertiveness. Assertiveness brings equality in the patient rela tion and communications. Nurse should also be with high self-esteem. This self-esteem would be helpful for the nurse to communicate confidently and effectively with the patient. In conclusion, communication is very important aspect of the nursing practice because nurse should communicate professional skills and knowledge to patient, family members and other members of the society. Self-awareness in the most efficient technique for improving communication of the nurses. References: Ahrweiler, F., Scheffer, C., Roling, G., Goldblatt, H., Hahn, E.G., and Neumann, M. (2014). Clinical practice and self-awareness as determinants of empathy in undergraduate education: a qualitative short survey at three medical schools in Germany. GMS Journal for Medical Education, 31(4), doi: 10.3205/zma000938. Eckroth-Bucher, M. 2010). Self awareness: A review and analysis of a basic nursing concept. Advances in Nursing Science, 33(4), pp. 297309. Gessler, R., and Ferron, L. (2012). Making the workplace healthier, one self-aware nurse at a time. American Nurse Today, pp. 41-43. Healy, D., and Mc Sharry, P. (2011). Promoting self awareness in undergraduate nursing students in relation to their health status and personal behaviours. Nurse Education in Practice, 11(4), pp. 228-33. Horton-Deutsch, S., and Sherwood, G. (2008). Reflection: an educational strategy to develop emotionally-competent nurse leaders. Journal of Nursing Management, 16(8), pp. 946-54. Jack, K., and Smith, A. (2007). Promoting self-awareness in nurses to improve nursing practice. Nursing Standard, 21(32), pp. 47-52. Jack, K., and Miller, E. (2008). Exploring self-awareness in mental health practice. Mental Health Practice, 12(3), pp. 31-35. Kim, M.S., and Patterson, K.T. (2016). Teaching and Practicing Caring in the Classroom: Students' Responses to a Self-Awareness Intervention in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. Journal of Christian Nursing, 33(2), pp. E23-E26. Oflaz, F., Meri, M., Yuksel, ., and Ozcan, C.T. (2011). Psychodrama: an innovative way of improving self-awareness of nurses. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 18(7), pp. 569-75. Scheick, D. M. (2011). Developing self-aware mindfulness to manage counter transference in the nurse-client relationship: an evaluation and developmental study. Journal of Professional Nursing, 27(2), pp. 114123 Stein-Parbury, J. (2013). Patient and Person: Interpersonal Skills in Nursing. Elsevier Health Sciences. Unal, S. (2012). Evaluating the effect of self-awareness and communication techniques on nurses' assertiveness and self-esteem. Contemporary Nurse, 43(1), 90-8. Vitello-Cicciu, J.M., Weatherford, B., Gemme, D., Glass, B., and Seymour-Route, P. (2014). The effectiveness of a leadership development program on self-awareness in practice. Journal of Nursing Administration, 44(3), pp. 170-4. Webb, L. (2011). Nursing: Communication Skills in Practice. OUP Oxford. Winson, J. (2007). Promoting self-awareness. Nursing Standard, 12(13), p. 59.